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Discussion sections research papers

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Best Sample Essays, Free Research Papers, Dissertation Samples. Perspectives of sections research Assisted Living Facility Caregivers. Clarity Relevance of the Study. As the basis for describing the background of the problem this paper uses the work “Knowing the Resident with Dementia: Perspectives of essays wooden Assisted Living Facility Caregivers” by Joyce Rasin and research, Donald D. Essay-my Teacher? Kautz published in papers, the Journal of Gerontological Nursing. This research reveals the characteristics writing, attitudes of papers two different groups of caregivers: those relying on behavior-centered knowledge and paper on euthanasia, person-centered knowledge.

This work also sheds light on discussion sections, the diverse constituencies involved in direct provision, funding, and evaluation of essay esl students health care delivery to older Americans. The combination of practical research and policy expertise illustrates a rich diversity of perspectives for research, the modern assisted living facility caregivers. Essay Esl Students? The study addresses the discussion sections, ongoing debate over writing, knowledge used by nurses’ issues, particularly as these things apply to older population health care needs. Papers? Several common themes emerge in essays in urdu for class, the study and are highlighted here to present an discussion sections research papers overview of salient issues related to the role of the gerontological nurses, choice and delivery of retiree health services. We can write a custom essay on Health Care for you! Researchability of the Study Problem. This is a study about using different approaches in providing health care for retirees. One objective of teacher this research is to evaluate several explanations for differing attitudes in health insurance services for sections research, people with dementia in assisted living facilities. These explanations are often complex, as illustrated by the authors of the study.

As the characteristics writing, debate on health care for people with dementia continues, a second objective of this research is to sections research underscore the paper, need to focus on patients’ special health requirements. Policy discussions frequently have overlooked both the costs of offering appropriate health coverage fro people with dementia and the benefits of providing this type of health care to the elderly. As many experts note, the sections papers, elderly are caught between the pincers of reform proposals: prospective benefits legislation that certainly will affect employer willingness to continue support for teacher, expensive retiree health benefits, and Medicare changes that also may curtail benefits obtainable from the government. The fact that these reforms often are targeted at the types of medical care most often consumed by older people makes this group deserving of special attention. The last and, perhaps, most important goal of this study is to offer new perspectives and evaluative tools that then may be used to examine these as well as other health practices concerns. Sections Research? To this end, the research supplies an unusually rich combination of facts and teaching esl students, philosophical insights, derived from ethicists and academicians as well as from medical and benefits practitioners. These discussions should inform the public by discussion sections research papers, supplying a much needed perspective on health care for people with dementia in assisted living facilities. Adequacy and Relevance of the Literature Review. As with all disciplines, nursing’s theories are composed of concepts and the propositional statements connecting these concepts in a systematic way. As the products of science, they form a central part of our knowledge base.

However, for most of the twenty-first century nursing has been dominated by a wide array of theories from other disciplines. Persuasive On Pets? Rasin and Kautz suggest that the discussion sections research papers, ultimate justification for the existence of theory is to give humans a view of their world which may help them describe, explain or predict events, or prescribe actions which will enable events to occur or not. Theories are like different lenses or maps and characteristics writing, each one will offer the user a particular focus or topography. For instance, a map of the underground sewer system of Paris would not be very useful if you were trying to find your way through the city streets. Similarly, a pair of opera glasses would not serve your purpose if you wanted to view the night sky. Discussion Sections? Theory is a distinct and well-articulated system of concepts and propositions rooted explicitly in a philosophy of nursing and intended solely to guide nursing practice and research. If we accept this definition then we must be careful in our selection. If we choose the wrong map we may find ourselves at a different destination from the writing, one chosen. Therefore, perhaps a central selection criterion is fitness for discussion, purpose in other words, does the theory serve the purpose for which it is intended?

If we accept that nursing theories have unique perspectives, then each theory will determine how nurses assess a patient, plan care, intervene and review outcomes. Furthermore, different nursing theories will have varying influences on how we perceive patients. For instance, one theory may encourage dependence by stressing that the nurse should do everything for the patient, while another may encourage independence by stressing that the teaching essay, nurse should teach the patient about self-care. The authors also imply that practitioners should feel empowered by the theories they select, and they and their patients should have ownership of them. By using their power to impose a theory on practicizing nurses, managers and discussion sections research, academics are being allowed to define expert nursing . Persuasive Essay On Pets? Rasin and Kautz argue that, without a strong orientation towards the work of sections research papers theorists and the work of urdu essays for class practitioners, the basic requirements for a profession are missing. They state that only if we are able to prove that this link exists will we be legitimate contenders for professional status. Agreement of sections Purpose, Design, and Methods. On John Wooden? Interestingly, behavior-centered may challenge the discussion sections papers, necessity of paper on euthanasia a pragmatic link between theory and practice.

In a way it can be explained that some theories are not intended to be 100% clinically relevant. There is something attractive about sections research, this view. Theories are, by their very nature, abstract, so they originate from, and teacher, can lead to, abstract thinking. They stretch your perceptions, providing new insights and interesting and creative ways of looking at the world of sections research papers nursing. That is part of their value.

Since many are at the forefront of new knowledge development, they are extending the discipline’s frontiers. Therefore, by of essay, definition, they cannot coincide with what is now being practiced to do so would limit their vision and discussion papers, restrict nursing within a time warp. To make all theories clinically relevant would hamper the development of highly abstract (non-practical) ideas that might eventually prove more valuable to nursing. Alternatively, there is also attraction in the opposing position of person-centered knowledge. This approach illustrates that regardless of whether nurses work as researchers, educators, theorists, administrators or practitioners, it must be realized that they are in a practice profession with the client at the receiving end of that practice. Accepting this, theories should have a direct bearing on client care. If they do not, their value is open to essays on john wooden question. Perhaps the true answer comes somewhere in between these two approaches. It is possible to argue that there are two types of discussion research theory, the writing, realistic, which coincide with the views of practitioners and current practice, and the idealistic, which may appear alien to contemporary practitioners.

This study reflects on the relationship between theory and research. Authors imply that research without theory is analogous to a team of bricklayers, each making a brick in isolation from other bricklayers and sections papers, with no blueprint to follow. They throw the persuasive essay on pets, bricks together into a large pile confident that, somehow, a house will emerge. Without theory, therefore, nursing knowledge would be a mass of data, statistics and observations with no coherence or understanding. Knowledge is of little use without understanding.

Knowledge is provided through research studies while understanding is discussion gained by theory. It is a reciprocal relationship; while knowledge can increase in nursing for a time without understanding, understanding is not possible without new knowledge being developed. According to essay-my Lorraine Walker (1971), the result of theory being unable to keep pace with knowledge development is stagnation of the discipline. Suitability of the discussion research, Sampling Procedure and the Sample. Five groups of caregivers were selected with the total of 23 participants. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the sample chosen was their clarity. On Euthanasia? Clarity may be rated as high or low. Discussion Sections Research Papers? In this case it was rated high. The analyst should ask if the theory is written and presented clearly and persuasive essay, if the language used is understandable.

This represents semantic clarity. Discussion Sections Research? You should ask the following questions: Are key terms defined? Are concepts and assumptions implicit? If explicit, are they stated clearly? You should also note any evidence of tautology: Is there unnecessary overuse of words? Note too if there is persuasive structural clarity. This occurs when the prepositional links between the concepts are clear to the reader and discussion, any diagram representing the theory can be understood without a great deal of difficulty. If you cannot make sense of the theory (and you have really tried), it has low clarity. The hypothesis should be elegant in its simplicity; that is, the theorist should have chosen the simplest, most parsimonious format possible to get across the essays in urdu, theoretical message.

If we want hypothesis, practice and research to link appropriately, theory should be easily understood if it is to gain the attention and commitment of the hard-pressed clinicians. How can anyone use a theory if they cannot comprehend it? This applies equally well to research diagrammatic representations. If a theory is composed of a confusing mixture of geometric lines, circles, triangles and essay, squares, busy practitioners will not be impressed. Sections Research? Considering the complexity of essay-my teacher nursing, all hypotheses cannot be presented in a simple manner. You may think a theory is complex and accept this fact because its concepts and assumptions relate to very difficult issues within practice. Therefore, you should make a judgment as to whether you think a hypothesis is sections papers excessively simple or unnecessarily complicated in its content and form. Correctness of paper on euthanasia Analytical Procedures. All the components within the hypothesis should support each other and be free from contradictions.

As with clarity, consistency can be rated high or low. Look carefully to discussion research note if inconsistencies are explicit or implicit. The following types of inconsistency may be identified: • Inconsistency in terms: are definitions of concepts consistent with later assumptions? For instance, a theorist may define people as entire communities, yet the assumptions within the body of the theory may relate specifically to individual clients. • Inconsistency in interpretation: if a theory adopts a holistic stance about health care but is reductionist when describing care (e.g., having a large biophysical emphasis). • Inconsistency in principle: a theory may highlight the essays, importance of clients being able to have choices yet be prescriptive in the interventions it supports. Furthermore, inconsistency in principle may be observed when a theory that has its basis in a behavioral paradigm includes concepts that are better related to a system’s paradigm. Examining the perspectives of different theories may be like looking through telescopes of varying focal lengths. Research? Selecting a grand theory would be like looking through the wide-angled end of a telescope. Here, the selectors require a broad theory which can be used in many different situations with many different types of patient.

While the grand theory will not specify explicit interventions, it will give them a framework for viewing the world and an assessment template for essay writing esl students, practice. Selecting a mid-range or practice theory would be like focusing a telescope on a particular nearby scene, where more detail is observed but the surrounding landscape cannot be seen in discussion sections papers, its entirety. Here, a theory is of essay required for discussion sections research, a particular patient-care situation and in the case of a practice theory a guideline is characteristics writing presented for nursing action. Papers? Currently there are more grand theories available for selection than there are mid-range or practice theories, but this situation is changing rapidly. When selecting a nursing theory the essay on pets, relevance to practice is central.

She suggests that the person who is choosing the theory should seek answers to the following questions: • Does the theory have direct relevance for the way in which nursing is practiced? • Does the theory describe real or ideal care? • Have its assumptions and propositions been tried and tested? • Does it deal with the resources which are necessary for research papers, good care? • Does it guide the use of the essay-my teacher, nursing process? • Does it provide practicing nurses with good direction for clinical actions? • Are the concepts within the discussion research, theory too abstract to of essay be applied in practice? • Is the language of the sections, theory easy to essay writing esl students understand? The prospect of any sort of rationing in health services is particularly important to the elderly for many reasons. As a group, the elderly tend to suffer from more chronic illnesses, which are generally incurable, than other groups. Discussion Sections Research Papers? Many chronic illnesses, like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, can be managed effectively over long periods, but doing so requires an in urdu for class ongoing level of expenditures. Some chronic ailments are particularly problematic because their treatment often means that those suffering from them will come to suffer additional chronic ailments that require further treatment.

Also, the elderly suffer disproportionately from critical illnesses associated with old age and, ultimately, death. Discussion? As a result, they consume disproportionately greater amounts of essays 12 health service resources. Advances in medical science and the underlying demographics of the American society portend that, in the future, the elderly will need even more health services than now. The general level of resources that will be available to provide medical services to the elderly and the allocation of those resources cannot be ignored. Before investigating why Americans feel that all medical services should be available to sections everyone and before investigating whether this philosophy should be curtailed, it is important to assess the nature of the resource limitations giving rise to the debate over health care rationing. Teacher? Remember , Remember, free essays, sample essays and essay examples on Health Care topics are traced by plagiarism detection systems. Discussion Papers? All samples online are plagiarized. Don#8217;t download them and submit them as your own paper for school, college or university. Why not to get a 100% original custom essay at characteristics writing,

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Oil Deregulation in discussion sections research papers, the Philippines. Contained in a November 5, 1997 Supreme Court decision, which deemed the first oil deregulation law, the paper on euthanasia Republic Act No. 8180, to be unconstitutional1, is a brief history of the Philippine oil industry. Due to an oil crisis’ occurrence in 1997, the government created the Oil Industry Commission (OIC) to regulate the goings-on of businesses working with oil. The OIC can fix prices of petroleum products, control refinery capacities, license new refineries, and regulate the general operations of discussion research papers, affected businesses. We will write a custom essay sample. on Oil Deregulation in the Philippines or any similar. topic specifically for you.

The digest also pointed out the urdu in urdu for class 12 control of foreign companies over the industry, where almost every operations in discussion sections, the country at the time is owned by these companies. To break the foreigners’ control, with President Marcos’ initiative, the Philippine National Oil Corporation (PNOC). Urdu Essays 12? PNOC, operating as PETRON, was the first Philippine-owned Corporation in the market. The Oil Price Stabilization Fund (OPSF) was then created,2 in 1984, as a buffer against the fluctuations in oil prices. Basically, the OPSF compensates by allowing companies to reimburse from the fund whenever prices change due to either exchange rate adjustments or world oil market prices.

Caltex, Shell, and research papers, PNOC, or Petron, were the only three remaining oil companies in the country came 1985. Essay-my? Under the Cory Aquino administration, the Energy Regulatory Board (ERB) was created with the purpose of, much the same as the functions of the sections research papers OIC, regulating operations of oil companies with the addition of paying the essay-my teacher OPSF to recover the importer’s expense from importing whenever there is petroleum product-deficit to temporarily adjust price levels, among others. 3 Department of Energy (DOE) was created on December 9, 1992, with its focus to privatize energy-related government agencies, to deregulate power and energy industry, and to reduce oil-fired plants dependency resulting to discussion sections research papers, Petron’s privatization in 1993. Essays Wooden? 4 In March 1996, Republic Act No. Discussion Sections? 8180, which is the law discussed in the Supreme Court decision, was enacted.

This law aims to expel all government control over the oil industry and is to be done within two phases. Phase one, the transition phase which started in August 1996, aims to take. Page 2 Oil Deregulation in paper on euthanasia, the Philippines Essay. away control over non-pricing related aspects while phase two, the full deregulation phase, now includes the pricing itself, which abolishes the discussion OPSF. To make things official, six months after the first phase, President Ramos signed an Executive Order that fully deregulates the oil industry. The passage of the bill incited protests from groups with the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan). In October 1997, because of a strike, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the law and, eventually, deemed as unconstitutional in the decision being discussed earlier on. 5 Its unconstitutionality was because of the essay writing esl students violation against a Constitutional provision that states “the State shall regulate or prohibit monopolies when public interest so requires.

No combinations in restraint of trade or unfair competition shall be allowed. ”6 The Supreme Court points out that the act does not make a truly competitive market because of the discussion sections research 4% difference on the tax imposition on existing businesses versus new comers. Two months after, the act was replaced by the now-existing R. A. No. 8479. The newer act retains almost everything except the unconstitutional provisions present in the previous law. Essay On Pets? A petition was filed by Cong. Enrique Garcia criticizing the very short duration (five months) before the research papers full deregulation phase be effective provided in in urdu for class, Section 19 of the Act. Garcia states that the provided duration is too short, making it hard for new comers, and the market will still dominated by the big three, making it unconstitutional because there’s still monopoly/oligopoly. The high court, however, denied the petition on research papers, the grounds, basically, that the argument of the petitioner is not against the law itself, but just against the timeliness of the provided duration for the full deregulation phase. 7 Fast-forward to teaching, today, many petitions has been filed to repeal or amend the act but not one has been actually successful. The most controversial issue surrounding the act is the discussion sections research overpriced petroleum products and frequent increases, with vague reasons, but seldom rollbacks like a two-step-forward-one-step-backward situation. Even though there are more than 600 companies in the industry and competition seems to paper on euthanasia, be fair within the oil industry,8 the problem still exists — the high prices of petroleum products which has a domino effect to everything in the country.

Economically, is discussion sections papers, it really favorable to the Filipino people or the favor only applies to the corporations involved in the downstream oil industry? If the latter is the answer, then it’s affecting the Filipino majority negatively, meaning the on john wooden deregulation of the oil industry is actually unconstitutional because it violates the for-the-people essence of our constitution. B. Statement of the Problem The 1987 Constitution has entailed the adaptation of an implicit competition policy framework which refers to all laws, government policies and sections research papers, regulations aimed at the establishment and maintenance of competition that aims to promote, advance, and ensure competitive market conditions by the removal, as well as to redress anti-competitive results of, public and private restrictive practices. In effect, Philippine legislature has been adamant in ratifying laws both in on john, realization of research, this provision and on pets, the protection of research, consumers, examples of which are R. A. No. 3247 (An Act to paper, Prohibit Monopolies and Combinations in Restraint of Trade), The Philippine Corporation Code Batas Pambansa Blg.

68, and discussion research, Executive Orders signed to increase Trade and Investment Liberalization. 9 Part of the competition policy framework is the liberalization and deregulation of characteristics of essay writing, select Philippine industries such as the maritime industry, civil aviation, telecommunications, energy and utilities. However, the actualization of the ideals of the framework seems lacking in the reality that most of these industries remain structurally monopolistic or oligopolistic. A casual observer could commit to discussion sections, the rash conclusion of the ineffectiveness of the changed stance of the Philippine government. 10 The Oil Deregulation law was enacted to essay-my teacher, address this new framework of the Constitution.

The law seeks to attain “a truly competitive market that runs with fair prices and a suitable supply of environmentally-clean and high quality petroleum products. 11” The oil industry brought in discussion papers, a fair amount of new competitors, now there are about 600 competitors in the market and essays wooden, it’s safe to say that the law is achieving its goal. But for years it has been Petron Corp, Chevron Corp. , and Pilipinas Shell that are enjoying high market revenues. Up until now, the big three have remain to be most profitable in the market. Discussion Sections Papers? Notably Petron Corp. at the top, followed by Pilipinas Shell and Chevron Corp. Urdu For Class? The big three still have 68% of the market share, which has improved from before but still with over a hundred of discussion sections papers, competitors, the number is staggering and it remains a question why the big three are still controlling the industry even with the oil deregulation law is in effect for essays on john 15 years. With the discussion sections research Constitution’s anti-monopolistic agenda particularly, Sec. 19 Article XII “which commands the state to prohibit or regulate monopolies for public interest,” the paper on euthanasia oil deregulation law have become one of the most questionable laws in sections research papers, the country. 12 The transparency of the oil prices has been an issue for the consumers as oil price hikes have not stopped since the law was approved by the congress. The time when the persuasive on pets current oil deregulation law was enacted, February 1998, gasoline costs around just P12. 62 and now it went up to 300% ranging from P48.

65 to P54. 64 per liter. These gasoline prices are being questioned by discussion research the consumers for the price hikes are not supported by facts as to why gas prices need to be raise. The people are forced to just accept whatever reason the in urdu oil companies and the Department of Energy gives. 13 Given these issues, it would seem that the oil deregulation law is papers, unconstitutional, a fact which the paper seeks to determine. C. Objectives of the Study The objective of the study is to provide a more accurate assessment on the unconstitutionality of the Oil Deregulation Law. The study aims to determine.

whether the law is esl students, constitutional: Does its provisions and effects violates the constitutional provision to achieve market competitiveness for sections papers public welfare? Republic Act 8479 will be compared to deregulation laws in other countries. Because of this, the study will be able to give comparison as to the success of other deregulation laws. D. Significance of the Study In the Philippines, the downstream oil industry remains a highly controversial aspect of the economy in spite, or perhaps because of, the on euthanasia implementation of full deregulation that started in 1998. Contrary to expectations, diesel and other petroleum product prices have consistently risen at a seemingly accelerating rate unfair to the average Filipino. Consumers and transport groups alike have thus repeatedly called for temporary or permanent reestablishment of price controls, only to be ignored by a government firm in the belief that deregulation as part of a liberalized approach to discussion research papers, the economy will ultimately benefit the country in the long run. It is teaching writing esl students, therefore in research papers, both private and public interests that the essay-my policy’s actual effect and its constitutionality be tested through empirical analyses.

Results should be disseminated and scrupulously explained to the public at large to research papers, put to rest the clashing beliefs of the two concerned parties. If it has been found that the essays on john wooden oil deregulation law is against sections papers the constitution or perhaps failed to induce competitiveness, the government would do well to paper, reconsider and implement new policies or even revise or amend it for the sake of public welfare. If, however, the opposite has been concluded and the oil deregulation is in fact deemed to attain its goals, the government must focus its energies towards ensuring that the expected benefits are actually felt by consumers. A democratic government such us the discussion Philippines’ is, after all, by definition supposed to persuasive, cater to public interest and welfare. E. Scope and Limitations of the Study The thesis aims to closely determine whether or not R. A. No. 8479, the Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998, is consistent with what the constitution provides for. Sections Papers? The researchers will interview lawyers to see if there is an unconstitutional provision within the teaching essay writing act’s content and discussion, from economists to assess if the effects from the act’s implementation is really in essay, a positive note.

Included in sections research, the interview will be possible solutions, amendments or replacements to the still-contentious Oil Deregulation Law. Data-gathering will take place within Metro Manila and during the 2nd term of the academic year 2013 – 2014. II. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE INTRODUCTION The researchers will cover four important topics central to the thesis. The first topic covers the Competition Policy framework of the 1987 Constitution. Included here are policies that ensure a competitive environment, which is in characteristics writing, line with the goal of the Oil Deregulation Law.

Reviewing the framework will help determine whether the law is sections research papers, actually doing its job to keep the persuasive playing field levelled, preventing monopolies. Discussion Sections? The second one will be about the transition from RA 8180 to persuasive on pets, RA 8479. Discussion? Using the petition of Rep. Garcia against the R. A. 8479 in August 1999 as a source, the first part of essay-my teacher, our literature review will discuss the unconstitutional provisions R. A. Sections Research Papers? No. 8180 that was not present in the revamped R. A. No. 8479. To know what transpired before the essay-my teacher passage of the discussion research papers RA 8479 is important as it will give context and essay-my, will direct where the thesis will go. After scrapping all the unconstitutional provision that made the ODL of 1998 to be successfully enacted, does the sections research new law is characteristics of essay writing, clear of any constitution-violation? Apparently not, as the third part will discuss the different reasons from various persons and groups why RA 8479 is papers, unconstitutional.

Sources used in this part will cover news articles, House and Senate bills. Discussed in this part are bills that seek to urdu, either amend or repeal the papers ODL, the teacher grounds that makes the law unconstitutional and discussion sections papers, the violated provision in the Constitution. While enumerating the grounds, this part will touch on the effects of the teaching writing esl students ODL to the oil industry, and to the people. This part is relevant because the grounds that will be listed can be our bases as to what our recommendations will be. Papers? The main objective of the ODL is to promote a truly competitive market, but did the law actually do so?

The last part of the literature review will give insights about the status of the oil industry as of today. As the essay-my teacher main source of the last part, the fairly recent paper entitled “Philippine Oil Deregulation and the Oil Crisis: A Policy Issue Paper” by Marlou Mumar of University of the Philippines. The paper roughly discusses the oil crisis in general, the ODL and its effects, and various suggested solutions to lessen oil prices. Sections Research? To provide a more broad view on the matter being discussed, the author interviewed five people from different sectors and of different specializations. On John? The Constitution provided in Section 19, Article XII that deregulation must be only allowed if the public needs such action.

That’s why it’s important to know whether or not the law is economically beneficial to the Filipino people, and discussion sections research, this policy issue paper will help the researchers determine the same. A. Competition Policy One of the paper most tremendous shift from the 1973 constitution to the 1987 constitution was the implementation of competition policy framework14 that will make sure that markets in the country is free from anti-competitive practices. This government policy shall promote laws and measures that will maintain the level of competition in markets as well as affect the sections industry structures. Since then, deregulation of on euthanasia, select economic industries, such as civil aviation, telecommunication, electric power, and discussion research papers, downstream oil industry, have been implemented. A review of the Philippine Tariff Commission’s statement regarding the competition policy will be used in order to have knowledge on market industries, deregulation, and competition laws in the country.

Here, we learn that the oil deregulation law is a product of the competition policy that the 1987 constitution adapted. Competition policy contains actions to keep or create competiveness in economic industries, which taking away the power of the government to take control of it, is included. Deregulation and other measures are used in order to promote economic efficiency. Economic efficiency is paper on euthanasia, comprised of discussion, three components namely: (1) Productive efficiency; (2) Allocative efficiency; and (3) Dynamic efficiency. All of these components are essential to on john, achieve competitiveness in markets, correction of market failure, and enhancement of consumer welfare. 15 Market structures are also enumerated and sections, described here. There are five (5) market structures that are given here specifically: (1) Perfect Competition; (2) Monopoly; (3) Natural Monopoly; (4) Monopolistic Competition; and (5) Oligopoly. The first one is the goal of the oil deregulation law, to have a perfect competition in the oil market. In this market structure, there are several players entering in and out of the industry, selling similar products with fair competition. Many argue that the paper on euthanasia oil industry is an research oligopoly of the big three (Petron, Shell, and Caltex), meaning that they can influence the price and output of the market by themselves.

This assumption will be studied later on. 16 Sources of market failure are also discussed, which a monopoly can cause. If there is essay-my teacher, a monopoly in a market, income distribution is minimal. Also, consumer welfare is not guaranteed for monopolistic practices produce abusive price controls and sections papers, inefficient production. These things may sound familiar, for many people now complain about these things against the government regularly. 17 Discussion of anti-competitive agreements are also given. Horizontal agreements, where firms agree to 12, the pricing of a good, giving them ability to control prices. In this agreement, collusion between companies happen. These things can be solved with prohibitions or authorizations, which are few examples of solution for anti-competitive practices.

18 Although there are no developed legislation relating to anti-trust and monopoly activities, a competition policy framework is a strong backbone to. safeguard consumer welfare. The oil deregulation law’s goal is part of the framework that the constitution wants to achieve. The statement by research papers the Philippines Tariff Commission about competition policy is an evidence that the on euthanasia government should issue anti-competitive practices in the country. Issues about the oil market today, regarding possible oligopoly, predatory pricing, and discussion, consumer well-being should be taken a look at. The literature gave the definition of an essay on pets oligopolistic market and indications of anti-competitive practices. The verdict will be given later if indeed the oil deregulation is not against the goal of the constitution as well as the law itself, which is to make the oil market competitive that runs with fair prices. 19 B. Transition from R. A. No. 8180 to R. Discussion? A. No.

8479 In reviewing the constitutionality of the Republic Act 8479, it is necessary to know what was changed from the first oil deregulation law which was the Republic Act 8180, “An Act Deregulating the Downstream Oil Industry of 1996”. Essay-my Teacher? The petition of Rep. Garcia regarding the unconstitutionality of Sec. 19 of R. A. No. 8479 will be analyzed to give a brief background regarding the sections papers law. The first one was declared by the Supreme Court unconstitutional in characteristics of essay, November 5, 1997 for discussion sections research papers mainly three reasons. First, the provisions laid down were already advantageous to the major competitors; it will give more power to the oligopoly of the big three. Second, it will block the essay entry of papers, effective competitors. Third, the law will sire an even more powerful oligopoly whose power to essay writing, the market will take advantage of the consumers’ general welfare. 20 In this topic, a case study of the petition of honorable Enrique T. Garcia in 1999 against the 1998 Oil Deregulation Law is essential to discussion sections research, know if R. A. 8479 is cleared of any constitutional flaws. The petition seeks to know if the new oil deregulation law is indeed constitutional and will ensure equal competitive market and welfare of its consumers.

He pointed out that the court’s power of judicial review should protect its people from laws that could harm their rights. The case focused on the changed provisions of R. A. 8479 particularly; the 4% tariff differential, minimum inventory level, and predatory pricing provisions. Which should hinder the big three oil companies make practices that are anti-competitive, which is prohibited by the law such as cartelizing their operations by taking advantage of deregulation. The 4% tariff differential from R. A. 8180 was too much for the new competitors to compete with the urdu in urdu for class 12 established oil companies here in discussion sections research papers, the country. With Sec.

6 of the R. A. No. 8479, they scrapped the urdu 12 former revision and imposed the tariff rates single and uniform for all players. The minimum inventory level requirement was also removed from the R. A. No. 8479 which could have given the incoming competitors tough time to be able to keep up with the resources that the big three companies already own. Discussion Sections Research Papers? The last one was the issue on predatory pricing; Congressman Tinge suggested the Arena-Turner test and proposed to redefine predatory pricing. The definition states that pricing below average variable cost in order to match the lower price of the competitor shall not be considered predatory pricing unlike what was perceived to be pricing for purpose of essay, discouraging a potential competitor in entering the market.

21 The judicial review also pointed out provisions that will make the sections papers oil industry be more attractive to potential competitors that should support the anti-trust protection of the R. A. 8479. The law allows the free participation of the private sectors and cooperatives in developing more gasoline stations. Moreover, the law also requires that there should be initial public offering of shares equivalent to 10% of the capital investments by oil companies. The DOE should give the consumers assurance on the pricing, for they are obliged to monitor increases in the gas prices from time to essay-my teacher, time. To further ensure that the rights of the consumers are protected, R. A. 8479 will form a task force with members of the DOJ and DOE to investigate anomalies in the deregulated oil industry. 22 The petitioner turned his attention to the phases that happened after the approval of the R. A. 8479 mainly, the transition phase and the full deregulation phase. In the transition phase, all non-pricing facets were lifted. With the eradication of the Oil Price Stabilization Fund (OPSF), a buffer fund was made to cover increases of petroleum products, with the exception of premium gasoline.

The automatic oil pricing mechanism was maintained in sections papers, order to on pets, estimate the local prices of gasoline products in the global market. A market-oriented formula was also approved by the Energy Regulatory Board (ERB) to know the discussion research papers wholesale posted price of gasoline products to be determined by essays in urdu for class 12 the adjustments of the Singapore Posting of refined petroleum products, the Singapore Import Parity or the crude landed cost. The transition period should last up to five months following the enactment of the discussion sections law but with the power granted to him at paper that time, President Fidel V. Ramos accelerated the start of sections research, full deregulation through E. Writing Esl Students? O. 471 in March 14, 1998. His decision was supported by the DOE and DOF because of discussion, two reasons: (1) the persuasive prices of crude oil and petroleum products in the world market are beginning to be stable and on discussion sections papers, a downtrend since January 1998; and (2) the exchange rate of the peso in relation to the US dollar has been stable for the past three months, averaging at around P40. 00 to one US dollar. 23 Rep. Garcia pointed out four reasons for the unconstitutionality of R. A. 8479.

In his petition, he said that the Sec. 19 of R. A. 8479 which grants for the five-month transition phase, shortened by Pres. Essays On John? Ramos, is pro-oligopoly, anti-competitive, and sections research, is against the economic welfare of the people. And therefore, the law was processed unconstitutionally for being foul and disparaging infringement of the constitutional policy and command embodied in Article XII, Section 19 of the 1987 constitution against monopolies and combinations in restraint of trade. It also violates the goal of the oil deregulation law, which is to make the oil market competitive under a system of paper on euthanasia, fair prices. 24 And because of that, the law is discussion sections, a very vital and grave abuse of discretion on the part of the legislative and executive branches of government. Paper On Euthanasia? Lastly, because of the hastened transition, he pointed out that Sec.

19 should be declared null and void for the transition and full deregulation should have price controls that should protect the public interest from the big three oligopoly’s price fixing and overpricing. All he said points out to the question, whether or not the execution of deregulating the oil industry conflicts the mandate of free competition under section 19, Article XII of the 1987 constitution. Research? 25 The petitioner claimed that acceleration of the transition phase was pro-oligopoly, anti-competition, and anti-people for the reason that the on john wooden short transition period was not enough to establish true competition in the local oil industry. He also said that true competition exists only papers when there can be a sizable number of players, and at that time there was only 3% of the essay-my market share which belongs to new competitors. Because of this, he suggested that the transition phase should be prolonged while the big three are still dominating the market with price controls so that the public can be protected from a possible overpricing or fixed pricing from the big three. 26 Subsequently, respondents claim that the decorum of full deregulation is a non-justifiable issue for it involves the perception of congress and the acceleration was also recommended by the DOE and DOF because of the two conditions that were discussed earlier. They also claim that the discussion research papers short transition period was not against the mandate of the constitution because the new competitors were given enough time to set up their businesses in the manner captured at least 3% of the market share. Petron Corp. , a respondent, pointed out that a short transition period is beneficial to new players coming in for they will be able to set up their business properly within a manageable time, to set up their prices, taking into account their investment and operating costs. It also claimed that an indefinite period of time would only discourage new players for they hoped that the price regulation would be lifted within a reasonable time. Of Essay Writing? 27 Interposing economic arguments by the public respondents claim that price regulation is not beneficial to the public as well as to the economy.

They added that the acceleration of full deregulation is based on existing conditions and sound economic theory. Shell Corp. filed a rejoinder and further added that if Sec. 19 were to be dismissed, there will never be full deregulation and would provide a new law that is different from what was already enacted. And, extending the sections research papers transition period would bring back the automatic pricing mechanism which means that it will only replace the essay-my teacher mode of price regulation by still another regulatory scheme. 28 As Garcia listen to these counter arguments, he said that he was just asking for papers the constitutionality of Sec. 19, not the essence of paper, it. For he claims that Sec. 19 is anti-competitive, thus it is contrary to what the constitution says.

He added that conviction against monopolies and combination in restraint of trade should be given legal consequence by the court. Garcia insists that the discussion sections research papers court should consider his petition that the downstream oil industry should go back to partial deregulation, in which the main features of deregulation would be allowed but the retail prices of essay-my teacher, petroleum products would still be regulated through an automatic pricing mechanism. 29 The Supreme Court Justice at that time, Corona, thought that his petition lacked legal basis even though it seem beneficial to the public. He added that the job of the Supreme Court was just to interpret and apply the law as conceived and approved by other departments of the sections government in accordance with the prescribed procedure. The knowledge and to rescind or alter laws were the job of the characteristics of essay writing legislation.

Furthermore, he stated that if they allowed an open ended transition period with pricing regulation by discussion research the government, the characteristics of essay writing liberalization of the downstream oil industry would have been suspended. Then, it would bring about sections research papers a free interaction of market forces that would eventually lead to hindrance of fair competition in the market. He also pointed out that to execute full deregulation depending on the number of characteristics of essay writing, new players would be to legislate a floating provision reliant on discussion research, the happening of a conditional event. In that way, the goal of R. A. 8479, which is to deregulate and teaching essay esl students, liberalize the downstream oil industry to ensure a truly competitive market under a regime of fair prices, adequate and continuous supply, environmentally clean and high-quality gasoline products, would be demoralize. Lastly, he also pointed out that reviewing the wisdom of the discussion research papers law is not a power of the judiciary, that power is only vested in the congress. Policy issues are within the domain of the political branches of government and of the people themselves as the repository of all state powers. 30 The case gave important information that will be needed in the study. It supplied a background on the changes covering the debunked R. A. 8180 to the R. Persuasive Essay On Pets? A. 8479. The issues on the 4% percent tariff differential, minimum inventory level, and predatory pricing. All of these were changed or even removed from the first one.

These three were the reasons for the declaration of the supreme court of the first oil deregulation‘s unconstitutionality. With these three gone, the R. Papers? A. 8479 should be cleared of any constitutional flaws. Petitioner Rep. Garcia thought otherwise. He insisted that the rushed transition period was unconstitutional for it is pro-oligopoly and it did not bring in fair competition in the market. With the rushed deregulation, it could have provided more power to the oligopoly to take control of prices and also the market.

The court, respondents, and the petitioner acted upon the petition and in the end the court dismissed the petition for the reason that the petitioner failed to show that the characteristics of essay law is violating the discussion Sec. 19, Article XII of the constitution. Though Garcia pointed out interesting issues about the transition phase, he did not discuss the other cause of the acceleration of the deregulation which is the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Urdu Essays In Urdu For Class? The hasty transition together with the IMF’s role will be discussed on the thesis proper, for we believe that there other reasons that could have brought the discussion research papers transition to be accelerated. He was correct by saying that the accelerated deregulation was pro-oligopoly for the SC Chief Justice said that what was Garcia insists could be advantageous to the public.

And, what is advantageous to the public is what the constitution wants for it is the persuasive protector of the people. The question on whether who will decide to repeal or even review oil deregulation law needs to be addressed. The Supreme Court said here that they do not have that power, and this issue will be talked about on the thesis part. C. What People, Groups Say About the Oil Deregulation Law Many are those who demand the amendment or the discussion repeal of the ODL. The most relevant reason for on euthanasia those demands is that it does not comply with the Constitutional provision that says to prohibit monopolies. 31 But the researchers found more reasons for the law’s amendment or repeal. Mostly politicians, they cited various inconsistencies and irregularities found on the ODL. Some proposing to research papers, amend the law simply because the goal of the law never came to fruition. This section will shed some light on paper on euthanasia, the various reason found during research. Everything found in this section is relevant to discussion sections papers, the thesis, as these can be used as bases on on john wooden, the recommendations part of this study. In a 2008 article, the militant group Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) calls for the ODL’s repeal and the removal of VAT on discussion, oil-related products.

According to the KMU, pump prices at the time were P11 higher than what it should be. To support the claim, KMU presented a data. Dubai crude prices are pegged at characteristics $97/liter on two different dates: November 2007 and September 2008. The diesel prices here on the Philippines were P37. 95/liter and P49/liter respectively, showing the P11.

05 difference. This is because, according to discussion sections research papers, the group, of the improper pricing imposed by the dominant oil companies, meaning monopoly is still present. The same is the reason why they want to wooden, repeal the law, because obviously the monopoly is still present. 32 Art. XII, Sec. 19 of the Constitution states “the State shall regulate or prohibit monopolies when the public interest so requires. ” Supported by different transport groups, Bataan Rep. Enrique Garcia claims that the above-mentioned provision of the papers constitution is violated by the ODL.

Citing the Supreme Court,33 he said that the control on the local oil industry is by foreign oligopolies. Also, he states the big three are the only relevant companies in the industry. The scrapping of the urdu essays 12 law, as he suggests, will ultimately free the people from sections research their suffering from the prices set by essay-my teacher oligopolies. 34 The Court of papers, Appeals (CA) declares the ODL as unconstitutional. In the urdu essays for class CA’s ruling, Sec. 14 (e) of the ODL which gives Dept. of Energy (DOE) total control over the industry during national emergencies,35 violates the Art. Discussion? VI, Sec. Writing? 23 of the Constitution. The Constitutional provision mandates the Congress to determine if there’s a national emergency and a need to warrant the exercise of the President’s emergency powers. 36, 37 1-Utak party list, led by Rep. Vigor Mendoza, says the ODL is vague, therefore unconstitutional.

In Sec. 11 of the law, it defines two prohibited acts: cartelization and predatory pricing or unreasonable pricing. 38 Mendoza says that, first, in order to determine whether unreasonable pricing exists, there should be a crystal-clear definition of what fair price really meant which is not present in the ODL. The second act described in Sec. Sections Research Papers? 11 is penal in nature and its enforcement will fail when there’s a lack of guidelines in the law, making ODL unconstitutional. 39 Representatives Rufus Rodriguez and Maximo Rodriguez filed a bill repealing RA 8479 and reestablishing the OPSF. According to them, the ODL did not fulfill the for class goal it was written for. Instead of papers, creating a truly competitive market, the law did the paper contrary. The promise that entrance of new entrants to the industry will create a competitive environment was broken as these new players get their sources from the big three, which will dictate the prices, ultimately violating the anti-monopoly provision of the Constitution. 40 The bill, to solve the problem with prices, wants to discussion, regulate the oil industry and to characteristics, reintroduce the OPSF.

With the fund present, it will lessen oil prices by balancing the price levels caused by fluctuations in the foreign exchange and additional costs from importation. The bill listed sources of the fund and the promulgation of the bill’s rules will be by the Secretary of Finance with the DOE Secretary as consultant. 41 Similar to the previous bill, HB 347 aims to discussion, regulate the downstream oil industry because of the same reasons. Unlike the previous one, this bill has a provision on how the industry will be regulated. The rules and its implementations will be formulated and issued by the DOE, with assistance from various government agencies, 60 days after this bill’s effectivity. Companies if found guilty of essays on john, cartelization or monopolization, will be fined by at least P100,000 but not more than P1,000,000 plus possible business suspension or termination as determined by discussion research the DOE. Teacher? The bill also includes a public information campaign to papers, explain how the persuasive regulation works. 42 To summarize, the following are the research papers grounds for the Oil Deregulation Law’s unconstitutionality: 1. That cartelization by the dominant companies is still present in the country, causing consistent price hikes, which is contrary to what the Oil Deregulation Law aims,43 ultimately violating the anti-monopoly provision of the Constitution44 2. That, during national emergencies, the DOE is vested with total control over urdu 12 the oil industry,45 which is contradictory with what the Constitution provides. The Constitution gives the Congress the responsibility (1) to determine whether the country is in a national emergency and when the country is, (2) to warrant the discussion President to take control over any industry. 46 3.

That the Oil Deregulation is vague, not defining what a “fair price” is, therefore the enforcement of the law will fail since there are no guidelines to determine whether an oil company is committing a crime, the unreasonable pricing,47 or not. The lack thereof now promotes monopolization as these big companies can increase their prices without thinking of any consequences. D. Essay? State of the discussion research Oil Industry Today The oil industry has changed over essay writing the years since the enactment of the Oil Deregulation Law. To review whether the said law is indeed free from constitutional flaws, we would have to take a look at the oil industry as of today. The effects of the R. A. 8479 should have been felt for it’s been a decade of progressively implementing the law. To know the state of the oil industry today, a review of a policy issue paper regarding the oil industry of discussion sections research papers, today is needed. Persuasive On Pets? Marlou B. Mumar’s Philippine Oil Deregulation and the Oil Crisis: A Policy Issue Paper made in February 20, 2010 will be used to have a better background on sections papers, what is the state of the urdu 12 oil market of today.

The paper produced a brief a background about what went wrong with the oil market before the law was implemented. The deficit of the OPSF (Oil Price Stabilization Fund) that was used to cover up increases in gas prices was threatening to undermine the economy in 1995. Because of that, it triggered former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos to bring back the plan of creating the Oil Deregulation Law. An effort to avoid such fiscal deficit, the R. Discussion Sections Research? A. 8180 was enacted in 1996 which was later declared unconstitutional. The whole saga was discussed a while ago. Afterwards, a new oil deregulation law was implemented, which is now the R. A. Essay-my? 8479. Fifteen years have passed, six out of 10 Filipinos are in favor to scrap the law. 48 IBON foundation, an organization opposed to the oil deregulation law said that it just fortified the oligopoly of the big three for they are permitted to increase gas prices anytime. Due to this, other oil companies follow the trend and also pump the prices up resulting for a 535% increase in oil prices from research 1996 to now. The effects of the law have not been felt by the consumers because of these high prices.

49 The consumers don’t know much about the effects of the oil deregulation law because they tend to judge it by looking at the price hike that has happened. Even though the downstream oil industry has maintained a meek growth,50 with the new competitors have invested worth 30 billion pesos in the market, the people doubt that the urdu in urdu 12 entry of discussion sections research, these new oil companies guarantee fair prices for them. Wooden? Because of this, the people does not buy that the oil deregulation law attained its social objectives of just prices, sufficient, and constant delivery of clean and sections papers, high quality gas products. 51 What the consumers do not know is that the cause of such high prices were not caused by the R. A. 8479. According to the Independent Review Committee in 2005, “The main cause of oil price increases was the effect of major peso devaluation and increases in the international price of oil especially since we import practically all our oil product requirements. ” To summarize it, the wooden increase in oil prices was a result of the government suggesting the sections papers players to increase the prices over a long period of time rather than rising it one time big time. Without a doubt, there is an oil crisis ongoing today. 52 With the United States experiencing its worst economic state, the boom of high oil prices and paper, as well as other economic things is inevitable.

Former Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo describes this as an discussion sections “oil crisis of global proportions. ” Today, two futures markets namely, London-based International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) and on pets, the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) set the prices of petroleum. Discussion Sections? Here, many traders sell oil products in paper or also called as “paper oil” on which they sell at a higher price. This scenario has become abundant, and eventually become the reason for the price hikes that the country experiences for the Philippines, heavily depending on foreign oil production, buy petroleum when the cost is at its peak. This has become a huge investment for international oil players. It is said for every 570 “paper barrels of essays in urdu for class 12, oil” there was only one underlying physical barrel of oil. The paper oil barrels pull the cost of the underlying barrel of oil, dictating the cost of oil. 53 This only refute what most people think about the price hikes that are going on, it has to be something about the sections supply and demand of on euthanasia, it. It is said that 60% of today’s crude oil cost is pure assumption driven by large banks and circumvent funds.

54, 55. Also in the paper, the different alternatives on discussion sections papers, solving the oil crisis here in the Philippines. Through the simplified stakeholders analysis, where the author simplified proposed solutions by various stakeholders, the author explained how each of the solutions’ effects if it’s the alternative used. There are six proposals included in the paper to solve the crisis: (1) Better implementation of Oil Deregulation Law (ODL); (2) Amendment of the ODL; (3) Scrapping of the ODL; (4) Removal of the 12% VAT on oil; (5) Finding of alternative sources of energy; and (6) Country-to-country oil agreements. 56. The first alternative was based from an on euthanasia Independent Review Committee report on the ODL with Carlos Alindada as chair which tells that the law is discussion, actually needed, the oil prices are actually justified which is why oil companies are actually experiencing losses. The report has four recommendations: (a) more effective and regular monitoring oil prices; (b) better initiatives against illegal, unsafe, unfair practices in oil service stations; (c) DOE should be in an anti-subsidizing stand; and (d) to teacher, make Petron, partly government-owned, as a “price moderator” for price-basing since, the report pointed out, Petron is a refiner and a market leader. 57 The second alternative is for the law’s amendment.

With this, deregulation is still necessary, an improvement is just needed to achieve its actual goal — a truly competitive market. One congressman is mentioned, namely Rep. Singson of Ilocos Sur, which made bills to amend the law for better information-dissemination and competition-promotion. The specific sections referenced are 14 (Monitoring) and 15 (Additional Powers of the DOE Secretary). 58 The third calls for papers its repeal. Consumer and Oil Price Watch (COPW) chairman Raul T. Concepcion calls for on pets regulation since, under a deregulated arena, refineries opt to not use Dubai prices as their basis instead they use the Mean of Platts Singapore which is usually higher, and another factor for the prices is competition. Another point raised by Rep. Rufus Rodriguez of Cagayan de Oro in his House Bill 4262 is that the ODL does not actually foster competitive market and instead strengthened the power of the dominant companies, stressing out that the supply of the new entrants come from sections research them hence prices are still controlled by the dominant companies. The bill also calls for the comeback of the essay-my OPSF. Much the same, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) says oil cartel is still existent in spite of the deregulation.

To support the claim, KMU presented a data. Dubai crude prices are pegged at $97/liter on two different dates: November 2007 and September 2008. The diesel prices here on the Philippines were P37. 95/liter and P49/liter respectively, showing an P11. 05 difference.


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12 B2B Content Marketing Examples and Case Studies for 2014. Discussion Sections Research! Content Marketing has long been a staple for the B2B Marketing world with an increased boost in popularity due to changes in consumer information discovery and consumption. Over 90% of B2B marketers are using content marketing according to CMI and MarketingProfs. Far more research is persuasive on pets, conducted before sales contacts are made providing B2B companies an opportunity to sections satisfy buyer information hunger with some killer content. But what works and what doesn#8217;t? What are B2B brands, big and small, doing to achieve results with content marketing? Those are great questions we#8217;re answering every day through our own work with B2B companies and through industry examples. For some inspiration for your B2B content marketing programs, check out on john wooden, these mini-case studies from the 2014 C2C Killer Content Awards, which include a mix of brand content marketing program examples and the results they produced.

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The IBM “Smarter Commerce” program challenged industry executives to recognize and rethink about the value of empowered customers. A microsite provided content for each of the IBM 12 lines of business buyers and included a mix of of essay writing, digital assets: video, eBooks, case studies, white papers, and reports each tailored for distinct Lines of Business audiences. Results: The program overall has had over discussion sections papers 38,000 impressions, 100,000 page views and over 13,000 responses. The leads generated from urdu in urdu for class 12 this program have been high quality and sections have rapidly progressed through the pipeline, generating significant wins for IBM. Bonitasoft: Utility Through Simplification. Bonitasoft is a growing provider of business process management solutions. The Bonitasoft program addressed the complex and technical standardization of software using the BPMN 2.0 standard from urdu essays in urdu for class 12 a 508 page industry guideline to a 25 page “Ultimate Guide to BPMN2”.

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Promotion of the discussion sections research playbook occurred through multiple blog posts, bylines in trade publications, webinars in in urdu for class, 8 countries, social promotions through Twitter, LinkedIn and SlideShare, sessions at industry events and papers distribution of essays on john wooden, hundreds of hard copies to clients. Results: 14,000 downloads and $1.1 million in bookings plus a further $500,000 driven by related webinars and activity. What#8217;s interesting about research papers, these examples is that not every program is multi-channel and integrated. Some situations are simply opportunities to provide useful information in an interesting way. But for the longer term programs, multi-touch programs that coordinate themes, messages and creative across channels appear to have increased both in implementations and for some, in characteristics, the lead gen and discussion sections revenue results achieved. While I did not have access to the full case study data for these (what you see is what I have), I do find it amazing that not one of these programs mentions organic search as a consideration for content discovery. This is a HUGE opportunity for content marketing ROI, especially in the long run as program assets attract links, social shares and engagement. If it has become the norm not to leverage SEO best practices with content marketing programs, then there#8217;s a lot of money being left on the table for those of us who do integrate social and search optimization with content marketing. I#8217;ll be talking about this at the MnSearch Summit later in the week.

What are some of your favorite B2B content marketing programs currently running? What B2Bb brands have you seen create killer content on essays 12, a consistent basis? Is SEO part of your process for all content development and marketing? Related Posts You May Enjoy Reading: Please read the Online Marketing Blog comment policy. @LeeOdden is the discussion CEO of of essay, TopRank Marketing and sections papers editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the essay-my book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and sections research influencer marketing.

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Edwin Arlington Robinson Robinson, Edwin Arlington - Essay. Edwin Arlington Robinson 1869–-1935. American poet and research dramatist. The following entry presents criticism on on euthanasia, Robinson published between 1924 and 1998. Se also Richard Cory Criticicm . A three-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, Robinson is best remembered as the author of “Miniver Cheevy,” “Richard Cory,” “Mr. Flood's Party,” and other much-anthologized poems that dramatize the isolation and loneliness of sections research, small-town individuals.

Adhering to strict metrical forms, Robinson worked outside the formal experimentalism of many of his contemporaries, yet his ironic viewpoint, austere style, and often bleak subject matter signaled an end to the baroque sentimentality of nineteenth-century American poetry. A prolific author who was devoted to poetry as a vocation from an early age, Robinson gained recognition late in his career with the publication of his Collected Poems in 1921 and his adaptations of on john, Arthurian legends into blank verse. The third son of a lumber merchant and investor, Robinson was born in Head Tide, Maine, and grew up in the nearby town of Gardiner, his model for the fictitious “Tilbury Town” that figures prominently in sections research his early verse. He was a descendant of the Colonial poet Anne Bradstreet and began to write poetry at an early age. Robinson attended Harvard University for persuasive on pets two years, but a decline in his family's circumstances forced him to return home. Sections! Because of essays, his elder brothers' failed financial investments, alcoholism, and drug addiction, Robinson's family was left nearly penniless, yet Robinson rejected a business career in favor of writing poetry.

To support himself, Robinson worked a series of odd jobs in Gardiner, New York City, and Boston. Because he was unable to aid his family financially and was often dependent on friends for sections research money, Robinson developed a sense of personal failure and guilt that haunted him for the remainder of his life. Teaching Writing! Many critics attribute his preoccupation with portraying nonconformists, derelicts, and suicides, and discussion his rejection of conventional models of material success, to his own experiences with poverty and essay-my teacher hometown scorn. He published his first book of poetry, The Torrent and the Night Before, at his own expense in discussion research 1896. Essays On John! Although it received a few favorable notices, Robinson was generally ignored by both critics and the public. He gained a measure of financial relief when his second volume, The Children of the Night (1897), was reissued in 1905 and attracted the attention of President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was impressed with Robinson's work and gave it lavish praise, and in June 1905 he helped arrange employment for Robinson in the New York City customs office so that he could write without financial worry.

But Robinson wrote little poetry in his nearly four years on sections research, the job, spending much time on aborted attempts to write fiction and social dramas. From 1911 on, he spent summers with a group of artists and writers at the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire. On Pets! Robinson remained financially insecure until the overwhelming popular success of Tristram in 1927. He died in New York City in 1935. Critics generally divide Robinson's career into discussion sections papers, two distinct phases: his early work, notable for incisive character sketches presented within traditional forms, and essays in urdu his later work, comprising extended dramatic dialogues and blank verse interpretations of sections papers, Arthurian legends. Robinson is best known for the tightly structured narrative poems of his early and mid-career, particularly those set in “Tilbury Town,” a fictional locale based on Robinson's hometown of Gardiner, Maine. In such collections as The Torrent and the Night Before, The Children of the Night, and of essay writing Captain Craig (1902), Robinson maintained the discipline of such conventional forms as sonnet, quatrain, and villanelle, while treating themes of alienation and discussion research failure in essay the lives of sections papers, ordinary individuals.

Demonstrating Robinson's ironic viewpoint, simple diction, and rejection of conventional standards of success, “Richard Cory” portrays a seemingly fortunate gentleman who earned the respect of the townspeople yet “… one calm summer night / Went home and put a bullet through his head.” Another work suggesting that appearances and social position can be deceiving is the dense title poem of writing, “Captain Craig”. Robinson presents a dramatic narrative of approximately two thousand lines about papers, a derelict whose bombastic yet erudite observations of humanity serve as a source of fascination for the unnamed narrator. Beginning with The Town Down the River (1910), Robinson turned more often to historical and public personages, yet the theme of personal ruin remained constant. “The Island,” for example, is a dramatic monologue spoken by French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte in in urdu for class 12 which he recalls events leading to his defeat at discussion sections Waterloo and his exile on teacher, the British island Saint Helena. Discussion Research Papers! A later companion volume, The Three Taverns (1920), draws notably on biblical figures and allusions, and features historical figures including the abolitionist John Brown and the early American statesmen Alexander Hamilton and essays Aaron Burr. The culmination of discussion sections papers, Robinson's early career, The Man against the Sky (1916) is generally considered his most successful single volume of verse. Containing such critically favored works as “Eros Turannos,” “Hillcrest,” and paper “The Poor Relation,” this collection reflects Robinson's irony, mastery of form, and papers maturing philosophy. In 1922 Robinson was awarded the characteristics of essay writing, Pulitzer Prize for his Collected Poems . Sections! In addition to reprinting early works, the teaching, volume contained a few new poems considered essential to the Robinson canon. “Mr. Flood's Party” is an often-anthologized depiction of a solitary drinker who has outlived his companions, and “Rembrandt to Rembrandt” depicts the self-doubt of the aging painter as he addresses a youthful self-portrait. In the discussion sections research papers, second half of his career, Robinson produced a trilogy of Arthurian legends in blank verse: Merlin (1917), a critical and commercial failure, Lancelot (1920), and Tristram (1927). Despite brief passages of substantial lyric beauty, the poems are generally faulted for their length and monotonous tone. Tristram, however, became a bestseller, a rare distinction for a book of poetry, and earned Robinson another Pulitzer Prize in 1928.

In the 1920s Robinson produced several book-length dramatic dialogues that further delineate his themes of guilt and dereliction. Many critics believe The Man Who Died Twice (1924) best represents Robinson's preoccupation with personal ruin. Fernando Nash, the poem's central character, is a talented musician and composer who succumbs to alcohol and debauchery for many years before redeeming himself by playing drums in essays on john wooden a Salvation Army band. Robinson's final poems explore the subjects found in his earlier verse. Nicodemus (1932) is a collection of medium-length poems that center on biblical themes, the inhabitants of Tilbury Town, and the New England landscape. Talifer (1933), another book-length work, deviates from Robinson's previous domestic tragedies in its rather light-hearted tale of two married couples who decide to exchange partners.

Robinson ended his career with Amaranth (1934) and papers the posthumously published King Jasper (1935), two allegorical works that combine themes associated with vocation, wisdom, and the ability to change. Despite some favorable reviews, including Theodore Roosevelt's lavish praise in Outlook in 1905, Robinson's work was virtually ignored by critics for years. But from The Man Against the Sky onward, Robinson gained respect from literary critics. He won three Pulitzer Prizes, for Collected Poems in 1922, The Man Who Died Twice in 1925, and urdu Tristram in 1928. During the discussion, final years of his career Robinson was generally considered to be among the foremost American poets of the era. To Modernist critics, including T. S. Urdu In Urdu For Class 12! Eliot and R. P. Blackmur, however, Robinson's importance to twentieth-century poetry was negligible, primarily because of his dismissal of free verse and other forms of technical experimentation. Critics of the mid-twentieth century considered Robinson to be a transitional figure in the development of American poetry. By the late twentieth century numerous aspects of Robinson's poetry appealed to literary scholars, including his focus on ordinary characters, his often ironic point of view, his use of simple, understated language, his concept of redemption, his alienation from a society oriented primarily toward financial success, and his responses to research, contemporary intellectual and religious trends. Access our Edwin Arlington. Study Guide for Free. The Torrent and The Night Before (poetry) 1896; reprinted, 1996.

The Children of the Night (poetry) 1897. Captain Craig (poetry) 1902; revised and enlarged edition, 1915. The Town Down the River (poetry) 1910. Van Zorn: A Comedy in Three Acts (drama) 1914. The Porcupine (drama) 1915. The Man Against the Sky (poetry) 1916. Merlin (poetry) 1917. Lancelot (poetry) 1920. The Three Taverns (poetry) 1920. Avon’s Harvest (poetry) 1921.

Collected Poems (poetry) 1921. Roman Bartholow (poetry) 1923. The Man Who Died Twice (poetry) 1924. Dionysus in paper on euthanasia Doubt (poetry) 1925. Collected Poems 5 vols. (poetry) 1927; enlarged edition, 1937. Tristram (poetry) 1927.

Fortunatus (poetry) 1928. Sonnets, 1889-1927 (poetry) 1928. Cavender’s House (poetry) 1929. Modred: A Fragment (poetry) 1929. The Prodigal Son (poetry) 1929. Collected Poems (poetry) 1930. The Glory of the discussion sections research papers, Nightingales (poetry) 1930.

The Valley of the Shadow (poetry) 1930. Matthias at paper on euthanasia the Door (poetry) 1931. Nicodemus (poetry) 1932. Talifer (poetry) 1933. Amaranth (poetry) 1934. King Jasper (poetry) 1935. Selected Letters of Edwin Arlington Robinson (letters) 1940. Letters from Edwin Arlington Robinson to Howard George Schmitt (letters) 1943. Untriangulated Stars: Letters to Harry de Forest Smith 1890-1905 (letters) 1947. Tilbury Town: Selected Poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson (poetry) 1953.

Selected Early Poems and Letters (poetry and letters) 1960. Edwin Arlington Robinson’s Letters to Edith Brower (letters) 1968. A Tilbury Score (poetry) 1969. Uncollected Poems and research papers Prose of Edwin Arlington Robinson (poetry and prose) 1975. The Essential Robinson (poetry, drama, prose) 1993; reprinted, 1994.

“Miniver Cheevy,” and essays wooden Other Poems (poetry) 1995. Selected Poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson (poetry) 1997. SOURCE: The Man Who Died Twice, in Dial, Vol. 77, August, 1924, pp. 168-70. [ In the following essay, Moore favorably reviews The Man Who Died Twice . Discussion Sections Research Papers! ] Throughout Mr Robinson's work, one feels his admiration for essays wooden “courage that is not all flesh recklessness.” This emphasis upon the predominance of the soul's conflicts over those of the intellect, is conspicuous in The Man Who Died Twice. A musician, gigantically endowed—who has “mistaken hell for paradise,” since he is not.

has died, but not. (The entire section is 893 words.) Get Free Access to this Edwin Arlington Robinson Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. Get Better Grades. Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and sections research essay. We've broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. Access Everything From Anywhere.

We have everything you need in one place, even if you're on essay-my, the go. Download our handy iOS app for free. SOURCE: “Edwin Arlington Robinson: Defeat and Triumph,” in New England Writers and Writing, edited by Donald W. Faulkner, University Press of New England, 1996, pp. 127-33. [ In the following essay, originally published in discussion research 1948, Cowley presents an overview of Robinson's career and achievement. ] It was in October 1902, not long before his thirty-third birthday, that Edwin Arlington Robinson's third book of poems appeared. Teaching Esl Students! He counted on it to rescue him from the sections papers, furnished room on West Twenty-third Street, in Manhattan, where he lived in fear of meeting his landlord. His first book, or rather pamphlet, had been printed at. (The entire section is 2959 words.) Get Free Access to on euthanasia, this Edwin Arlington Robinson Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. SOURCE: “Edwin Arlington Robinson: The Lost Tradition,” in Enabling Acts: Selected Essays in Criticism, University of Missouri Press, 1976, pp.

7-26. [ In the following essay, originally published in 1954, Coxe identifies strengths in Robinson's poetry that place him among the most important American poets of the discussion sections research papers, twentieth century. ] To the contemporary reader it seems strange that Allen Tate, in 1933, should have referred to in urdu for class, E. A. Discussion Research! Robinson as the characteristics, “most famous of living poets” and again as the writer of “some of the finest lyrics of modern times.” As far as most of us are concerned, Robinson ekes out a survival in discussion “anthological pickle,” as he called it. (The entire section is 6641 words.) SOURCE: “Redemption for characteristics the Man of Iron,” in The Personalist, Vol. X411, No. 1, January, 1962, pp. 46-56. [ In the following essay, Crowder examines Robinson's concept of redemption as revealed in Talifer . Discussion Research Papers! ] … Artistic experience is, deep down, a religious experience, because the world art lives in cannot be made habitable save by on euthanasia, religion alone.

1. Malcolm Boyd says that “all media of communication are theological.” 2 Not only in such deliberate vehicles as The Cocktail Party and The Confidential Clerk but in discussion sections papers such plays as Separate Tables and A Streetcar Named. (The entire section is 3767 words.) SOURCE: “Edwin Arlington Robinson: Knights of the Grail,” in characteristics of essay writing The Inclusive Flame: Studies in American Poetry, Indiana University Press, 1963, pp. 53-78. [ In the discussion sections, following essay, Cambon outlines the main characteristics of Robinson's poetry, particularly noting the essay-my, unique aspects that set him apart from his contemporaries. Research Papers! ] The gentleman from Gardiner, Maine, was an isolated conservative in a literary world that had seen the triumph of an aggressive Imagism. He refused to court public favor by on john wooden, joining the discussion sections research, winners, and characteristics kept on writing, mostly in a narrative vein which, in discussion papers the changed climate of American letters, seemed to be obsolete.

In the deafening labyrinths of. (The entire section is 7472 words.) Wallace L. Anderson (essay date 1969) SOURCE: “The Young Robinson as Critic and Self-Critic,” in Edwin Arlington Robinson Centenary Essays, edited by Elsworth Barnard, University of Georgia Press, 1969, pp. Writing! 68-87. [ In the following essay, Anderson discusses Robinson's theory of poetry as revealed in his comments on his own works and those of his associates. ] “I don't know anything about the sections papers, poetry of the future,” E. A. Robinson once said, “except that it must have, in teacher order to be poetry, the same eternal and unchangeable quality of magic that it has always had. Of course, it must always be colored by the age and the individual, but the thing itself will always remain unmistakable and. (The entire section is 7751 words.) SOURCE: “A Grave and Solitary Voice: An Appreciation of sections research papers, Edwin Arlington Robinson,” in Irving Howe: Selected Writings 1950-1990, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, 1990, pp. 229-239. [ In the following essay, originally published in teaching writing esl students 1970, Howe praises what he considers sincerity and honesty in Robinson's poetry and discusses his lack of appeal among modern readers. ] The centennial of Edwin Arlington Robinson passed—he was born on December 22, 1869—with barely a murmur of public notice.

There were a few academic volumes of varying merit, but no recognition in our larger journals and reviews, for Robinson seems the kind of poet who is likely to remain. (The entire section is 4261 words.) SOURCE: “E. A. Robinson, A Voice Out of the papers, Darkness,” in Literary Reflections, A Shoring of Images 1960-1993, Northeastern University Press, 1993, pp. Teaching Essay Esl Students! 154-76. [ In the following essay, originally published in 1973, Lewis identifies Robinson as one of the key figures in sections research papers American poetry of the period from 1890 to 1910. ] The period from urdu essays in urdu for class 12 about 1890 to 1910 is discussion sections research one of the hardest to define, and to appraise, in modern American literature.

There was, on the one hand, a genuine vigor in writing the area of fiction—though one masterpiece, Billy Budd, remained unpublished until the late 1920s and discussion sections research another, Sister Carrie (1900), was, at the time of paper, its publication. (The entire section is 3658 words.) SOURCE: “The Poetry of Edwin Arlington Robinson,” in sections papers Moderns Contemporaries: Novelists, Poets, Critics, The Harvester Press, 1985, pp. 27-45. [ In the following essay, Lucas offers an appreciative overview of Robinson's poetry, particularly expressing admiration for his portrayals of on euthanasia, ordinary characters. ] When Edwin Arlington Robinson died in 1935, his loss was mourned not only by America's writers but by statesmen and citizens whom one would not readily accuse of an interest in discussion sections literature. Robinson was a famous man. Now, some thirty years later, the urdu essays in urdu for class 12, fame has shrunk, and it is papers my guess that the works are very little read. Certainly it is a matter of some. (The entire section is 6641 words.) SOURCE: “Bubble-Work in Gardiner, Maine: The Poetry War of 1924,” in The New England Quarterly, Vol.

LVII, No. 1, March, 1984, pp. 25-43. [ In the following essay, Satterfield discusses the controversy surrounding poetic intention in Robinson’s sonnet, “New England.” ] Poets seldom offer explicit statements about the meanings of their poems. Edwin Arlington Robinson, perhaps the most reticent of our New England poets, nonetheless took to the front page of his hometown weekly in 1924 to explain what he intended by a sonnet that had offended some of his townsmen. He thus presented us, as well as the citizens of Gardiner, Maine, with a classic opportunity to. (The entire section is 6389 words.) SOURCE: “The Ambivalence of Stance in essay-my Edwin Arlington Robinson's Early Poems and Letters,” in papers Style, Vol.

23, No. 1, Spring, 1989, pp. 87-112. [ In the persuasive essay, following essay, Blumenthal focuses on papers, “New England,” “Dear Friends,” “Doctor of Billiards,” and “Richard Cory” in a discussion of Robinson's ambivalent response to essays on john wooden, the conventions and values of his hometown, Gardiner, Maine. ] Casual readers and professional critics of Edwin Arlington Robinson, both the poet's own contemporaries and his more modern readers, comment repeatedly on his New England reticence, on his penchant for elliptical utterance. Many of these have conveyed. (The entire section is 12819 words.) Anna Sabol Blumenthal (essay date 1991) SOURCE: “Edwin Arlington Robinson's Tilbury Town Poems and William James,” in Dalhousie Review, Vol.

71, No. 4, Winter 1991/92, pp. Discussion Research Papers! 411-37. [ In the following essay, Blumenthal traces the teacher, influence of the ideas of William James on Robinson's poetry. ] The philandering John Evereldown, the alcoholic Mr. Discussion! Flood, and best-known of teacher, all, the publicly successful and privately suicidal Richard Cory, all these, like many of discussion sections papers, Tilbury Town's denizens, retain for the reader a remarkable vividness despite the modest reputation of their creator, Edwin Arlington Robinson: few students of American literature or modern poetry are required to read him. Born. (The entire section is 9932 words.)

SOURCE: “Laughter at the Abyss: Hardy and esl students Robinson,” in The Long View: Essays on the Discipline of Hope and Poetic Craft, The University of Massachusetts Press, 1991, pp. 71-114. [ In the following essay, Pack discusses humor in the poetry of Robinson and discussion papers Thomas Hardy. ] E. A. Robinson is the American inheritor of Thomas Hardy's unusual gift for the creation of dramas within the confines of lyric form. In both poets, the ability to essay-my teacher, tell stories, to research, create characters who reveal themselves under the pressure of circumstance, is enhanced by their expressive control of image, rhyme, meter, and stanzaic form. On Pets! They are both able to epitomize a. (The entire section is 8831 words.)

SOURCE: “Down There with E. Sections Research! A. R.: Amaranth ,” in Parnassus: Poetry in Review, Vols. 17 18, Nos. Wooden! 2 1, 1993, pp. 282-95. [ In the following essay, Cassity argues that Amaranth is “the superior of sections research, [Robinson's] medieval poems, and possibly his masterpiece.” ] Encouraged, or rendered avaricious, by the success of teaching essay writing esl students, Tristram in 1927—it sold over 60,000 copies—Edwin Arlington Robinson devoted the discussion research, remaining years of persuasive on pets, his life to bringing out a long poem almost annually: Cavender's House (1929); The Glory of the research, Nightingales (1930); Matthias at the Door (1931); Talifer (1933); Amaranth (1934); and. (The entire section is 4847 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to The Essential Robinson, The Ecco Press, 1994, pp. 3-15. [ In the following essay, Hall presents an appreciative overview of Robinson's life and works. ] In 1869, Edwin Arlington Robinson was born in the village of essay on pets, Head Tide in papers Maine, third son and final child of Edward and Mary Robinson; his brothers Dean and Herman were twelve and four. Because his mother had wanted a daughter, Robinson began life as a disappointment; he went unnamed for half a year.

When a summer visitor insisted that the six-month-old baby be named, “Edwin” was chosen by lot; the essay-my, poet's middle name remembered the provenance of the visitor. As he grew up in Gardiner. (The entire section is 3486 words.) SOURCE: An afterword in The Torrent and The Night Before: A Facsimile Edition After 100 Years of his First Book, by Edwin Arlington Robinson, Tilbury House, Publishers, 1996, [ In the following essay, Justice broadly places Robinson and The Torrent and the Night Before in the context of modern American poetry. ] Looking back now, a century having passed, one sees and hears very clearly the dreadful sameness of the discussion research, poetry Robinson encountered in wooden the magazines of his youth, magazines Robinson himself could scarcely get a hearing in. The versification was competently banal, the diction was usually archaic or otherwise stilted, the subject matter was self-consciously. (The entire section is 825 words.) Allen Trachtenberg (essay date 1998) SOURCE: “Democracy and the Poet: Walt Whitman and E. A. Robinson,” in The Massachusetts Review, Vol. Sections Research! XXXIX, No.

2, Summer, 1998, pp. 267-80. [ In the following essay, Trachtenberg discusses Robinson's response to essay on pets, the democratic ideals expressed in the poetry of sections, Walt Whitman. ] At certain moments in paper on euthanasia mid-career Edwin Arlington Robinson chose to play Cassandra to sections papers, the nation: “Your Dollar is your only Word, / The wrath of it your only fear.” In the poem called “Cassandra” (1916), in “Demos” (1920), in “Dionysius in Doubt” and “Demos and Dionysius” (1925), he adopts an uncharacteristic hectoring tone, warns Jeremiah-like of a money-hungry power in the. (The entire section is persuasive 5192 words.) Barnard, Ellsworth. “Edwin Arlington Robinson.” In Sixteen Modern American Authors: A Survey of Research and Criticism, edited by Jackson R. Bryer, pp. 473-98. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1974. Traces the publishing history of works by and about Robinson. Joyner, Nancy Carol. Sections Research Papers! Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Reference Guide.

Boston, Mass.: G. K. Hall Co., 1978, 223 p. Surveys writings about Robinson from teaching essay 1894 to discussion, 1976. Barnard, Ellsworth, ed. Edwin Arlington Robinson: Centenary Essays . Athens, Ga.: University of paper on euthanasia, Georgia Press. (The entire section is 339 words.) Edwin Arlington Robinson Homework Help Questions.

“The Mill” by Edwin Arlington Robinson was written in 1920. Technology made several professions extinct—blacksmiths, door-to-door salesmen, and millers. Times are hard when people lose. Richard Cory, by Edward Arlington Robinson: 1. What connections can you make to glittering Richard Cory and discussion sections papers the simile of him being richer than a king? 2. In Urdu For Class 12! Why did people envy Richard Cory? Who. The humanity in Robinson's poem exists in how accessible and sections papers yet inaccessible Richard Cory was. Even though he spoke in a manner that was always human, Cory was never fully understood by the. I think that Robinson is essay-my fairly successful in making the claim that Cory's social condition isolated him from others. The social condition that Cory experiences is one in which wealth constructs. Various emotions and/or beliefs about life seem to be implied or evoked by Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem “The Mill.” These include the following: Line 1 implies the emotions of patience but.

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